Nairobi: Coffee, Beer and Eye to Eye with the Wildlife

Nairobi acquired the name 'Nairobbery' after the city witnessed carjacking, kidnapping and muggings. That’s totally unfair, as tourists coming in the city for fun and leisure, do come in with nightmares of what is heard and seen.

News splashed that one should not walk around at night along with the corruption happenings. But the Kenyan capital remains a hectic, cosmopolitan hub of East Africa and a city of cool evenings and amazing gardens. But one needs to wonder, how to spend time in this amazing city of contrasts after coming in with Cheap flights to Nairobi from London. Run your eyes through the 10 best ways to spend time in Nairobi.

Nairobi City Safari

Hordes of tourists go to Kenya for Safari. Nairobi National Park is perhaps the sole wildlife park in the world that one can visit by a bus or a taxi. Encounter lions, cheetahs, zebras, hippos and many more ferocious creatures.

Don’t miss David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust inside the park where you can watch orphaned baby rhinos and elephants take their mud baths.

          Tusker Beer

Nairobi is made for cold beer. The local brew is named as Tusker. Hardcore fashionable drinkers can sample some at the Casablanca and upscale imbibers can be clothed in their best safari suits and head for Lord Delamere Terrace on harry Thuku Road

Karen Blixen Museum
With cheapest flights a tour of the house is an amazing experience, just like one out of the Hollywood movies. In one corner is a lantern that was hung by Blixento let her lover know that she is home.


The world's largest slum area may not sound like a good time but within no time, the residents can prove to be highly inspiring. Unescorted visits are not advised, but several agencies do look after the tour.

Nairobi Java House
Coffee originates here...Yes, you read it correctly. Coffee has taken birth in Africa, mainly in Ethiopia. For a great cup of the original Joe, head straight to the Nairobi Java House, one of the best6 coffee chains on the continent and do pick up some beans to take home.

Nyama Choma

The African cuisine is a euphemism for charred flesh. The name means 'barbequed meat' is the unofficial dish. The best place to be served with this mouth-watering platter is the open air Carnivore that also serves crocodile, camel and ostrich. Tip over the white flag on your table to avoid being served more and more, otherwise the waiter’s don’t stop.

Muthaiga Country Club

A bar in itself that holds ancient animal heads hung from the walls. It also holds a 20,000-book library and white and pink colonnades. The standards are wonderfully maintained; no women are allowed in the Member's Bar; no mobiles, flip-flops, T-shirts, or hats. Strange but true! 

The Rift Valley

Rift Valley is a place like no other, with its savanna, fauna and history cradle of the human life. In Kenya, the Rift's steep side and wide plains are at their most dramatic views than those found outside Nairobi.

The Jumbo Kenya Deluxe
The Nairobi Mombasa line is one the world's greatest rail journeys, particularly when made in the Jumbo Kenya Deluxe. This leisurely express is the beginning of a great journey through the Africa plains and rifts. For a first class ticket you will get 2 bunks, a vanity sink in your own cabin, 3-course dinner and a hot breakfast with white tablecloths. Are you adventurous enough to book cheap flights tickets?

Johannesburg: The City of Street Art and Graffiti

Do you fantasy gazing at the colorful wall art? Well, that’s the scene in Johannesburg's Maboneng, the hipster on the eastern side of the city. The wall has everything you can imagine and in different forms - peanuts, date, banana and soya. Utilize cheap flights to Johannesburg from London and drown in the vividness of the golden city.
On one side you can faintly hear crackling sounds of laughter and as you shift your eyes a bit far, one photographer and one editor meet over a smoothie to discuss things for their next project.

Heard About Rasty?

Rasty is a long-talked legend on the streets of Joburg. The name follows any query due to the build-up art scene on the streets.

Though the scene of scene art was something that was popular in the European cities and US, South Africa is new in the corner to the graffiti scene and it is catching up quite rapidly.

The graffiti scene and the street scene in Joburg is evolving vibrantly and visitors marvel at the texture, style and themes as they indulge in the street art walking tour, which is the best way to explore the city.

From the Graffiti in Newton, to the grungy Troyeville's and Braamfontain, the interiors of the city are becoming the artist's playground.

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Fascination is the word that is seen on every face and movement. Go on and go up to an artist who is working on his present project to bag the award for the best wall art in the city. You can learn from his cult graffiti and the street artists who are quite busy in decorating their own world with their tags and style.

Some prominent names in the scene of Joburg's graffiti are Rasty, as motioned above and his PCP crew. The GreyScale store in Braamfontain, run by Rasty does cater to the needs of Johannesburg graffiti artists with a huge pallet of spray color cans and everything the artist may need.

Though crime had swept the town for few years, new forms of color have sprung and attracted some bug names in the local as well as international art scene. By walking around the Maboneng vicinity you are treated to the massive works of artists such as ROA, Remed, Faith47, Falko and Steve Espo Powers to name few of the best. 

Even look out for some discreet etchings of the famous Hanneli Coetzee that pop up beneath the bridges as well as on the side of the buildings.

With cheap travel deals the best place to catch some color in action is the street gallery at the Newton flyover. It's the best den that showcases graffiti talent. The murals stretch from the street below to the M1 highway and poses for some great photos.

Enjoy the amazing gestures, skills and movements of the skate-boarders on any given Sunday morning that adds to the landscape of the city.

Maputo: An Ecstatic Beach Delight for Beach Lovers

Maputo is Africa’s undiscovered gem. It is usually known as the Land of Smiles. The stunning capital of Mozambique symbolizes white powdery beaches, coconut palms, balmy waters, prismatic coral reefs and amazing paradise setup.

For years, Mozambique was plagued by civil war and now it is emerging as one of the most talked about, bearing a successful story and it is just couple of hours away from Johannesburg.

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Maputo never disappoints honeymooners and tourists passionate about romance and magic. Enjoy scheduled retreats around Vilaculous and those in Bazaruto as well as in the islands of Inhaca and islands of Quilalea which lies few miles offshore of the capital Maputo.

You bet that even the most idealistic couples will be tempted to crawl out their hotel lair by what Maputo has to offer - from snorkelling, scuba-diving, deep-sea fishing, and dolphin tours to sailing.

The incredible Maputo is located just on the coast that runs almost 1500 miles across blessed with cool fresh breeze as you enjoy the very best of Mozambique's cuisine. What can one expect in a coastal city? Seafood comprising of prawns, variety of fishes are a vital part of spicy Maputo cuisine.

Indulge in Beach Sports 

There is no better shoreline in the world than Maputo for fishing, diving and snorkelling. The crystal shallow water radiates the fabulous marine life and glittering corals teeming with lobsters, seahorses, starfish, dolphins and shoals of exotic and marvelous fishes.

With cheap travel deals enjoy more and more beaches, infact some famous beaches of Xai-Xai and Bilene that are located in elite settings offering tourists a choice of water-sports, fishing and relaxation.

Maputo offers those couples looking for a perfect honeymoon setup, a selection of accommodation to suit every pocket. One can discover exclusive beach hideaways, front retreats in luxurious hotels and resorts. 

Praia da Macaneta - This beach is located near Maceneto, a town close to Maputo. Reaching by boat is much easier but ferries are also recommended. The experience of the amazing view of the Indian Ocean is heart-pounding. Relish sea-food catch and enjoy the preparations.

Inhaca Island - This Island is just 20 minutes away from Maputo. The island is a must-see for everyone, where you can walk on the white sand beaches and deep sea fishing. Swing your eyes to spot the coral reefs that are still unsoiled. Brave divers can explore the number of shipwrecks that surround the area.
Ponta Ouro - This beach features warm water and white sand. It is famous for its inland coral reef that surrounds the area and the oceanic life below. Drown in the beauty and excitement by taking a walk on the beach between the months October and December.

What’s there apart from Beach Activities?

Face the thrill of wildlife Safari in Gorongosa National Park, one of Southern Africa's grand boondocks areas. Maputo is blessed with a tropical kind of climate in unification with coastal temperatures that are high for much of the year. The rains pour from late November through early April, and are usually searing and sultry with temperatures fluctuating in between 30s.

With cheap flight deals to Maputo honeymooning in the cooler dry season from May to October with temperatures fluctuating around the mid 20s is highly irresistible. Most of the days are brilliant and luminous with just short showers.

A honeymoon to Maputo can with leave you with an undying inkling of people’s tenderness, the brilliance of the sun, the rustling wind waving the palms, the dhow sails flapping on the sea, the remarkable tang of fresh sea air, the serenity of paradise.

Enjoy the Delight of Kenyan Food in Nairobi

Summers are coming and you might be thinking of planning a family holiday or a group escape for the biggest vacation of the year. This time is best suitable for anybody to escape from busy life and to enjoy some time and explore new and interesting things. If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy an enormous amount of fun and adventure as well as can try out traditional belongings including delightful food, then here we have some guidance for you to explore the ravishing Kenyan capital city, Nairobi.
The astounding city of Nairobi is quite famous among holidaymakers visiting African soil with Cheap Tickets to Nairobi from London Heathrow to take the pleasure from enriched culture, amazing tradition and some wildlife adventure. The city is filled with hundreds of sites that are perfect to enjoy but, you may be interesting in knowing about the places where you can have some genuine food with great taste and a variety in cultural cuisine.

Top 5 Restaurants in Nairobi for Truly Delightful Feast
This is probably one of the most amazing restaurants in the city at Haile Selassie Avenue where you can have the most amazing sea food with utmost delightful flavors and taste. The amazing Mixed Fish Dish and Crab Cake is the signature dishes here and you can have your bite here with family, friends, alone or with beloved and take the real pleasure of ambiance, seating area, services and taste of this traditional restaurant.
This is among the most elite restaurants in the city at Kijabi Street where you can have the amazing range of international cuisines. Try anything here and you will lick your fingers for good. The rates for services and the taste are a little high but you must not worry if you have planned your budget with Cheap Flights DealsEnjoy the ravishing and dazzling services here that are quite quick as well as pleasing.

Seven Seafood and Grill

This restaurant is the most famous and highly visited restaurant by Londoners taking Last Minute Flights.The taste of the food is superb here as well as hygiene. The genuine delight of fused seafood and traditional cooking of Kenya is clearly visible here and you can taste it stomach full without worrying about health or diet.

Purdy Arms
If you have some time to enjoy the gracious hospitality along with delicious food and beverages, then you must visit this Purdy Arms. The place has a magical sooth here with an astonishing view of surroundings filled with various floras over the hills and fascinating freshness. Try anything here and you will enjoy the most. This might be the best place in the entire Nairobi where you can go for a romantic dinner or lunch. Though the place is at outskirts of the city but reaching there and having some nice drinks with lip-smacking food is just indescribable. 

Naked Pizza

This restaurant is the most famous Italian restaurant in the city at Fedha Plaza where you can taste some of the most amazing pizzas with some unusual toppings. Try the delicious Farmvil pizzas along with healthy and delightful salads. Go either for dine in or order the best pizzas you like at your place to enjoy utmost taste of Italian pizzas with some interesting Kenyan touch.