Enjoy Some Delicious Local Dishes in Khartoum

Khartoum is a delightful city, though this city is not as big as Johannesburg or any major African city like that, but this city is still a great choice for a small city break. Khartoum is beautiful city, equipped with a pretty nice range of attractions, making it a perfect place for a small weekend adventure in Eastern Africa. Book now your Cheap Flights  and enjoy a great weekend in this stunning Sudanese metropolis.

Khartoum: In Word Picture 

Khartoum is beautiful city, reputed as the capital city of Sudan and the second largest city in the country, sitting on the stunning confluence of Blue and White Nile rivers. The Most significant and most developed city in the country, center for almost all major and vital movements in Sudan, Khartoum is small city, but is capable to give a great time on your weekend break in Africa. Book for your Cheap Flights to Khartoum from London  and experience this 

Accommodation and hospitality in Khartoum

As mentioned above, Khartoum is the epicenter of Sudan, one of the most significant cities for the country, thus this city is always loaded with a high number of tourists and visitors from various parts of Sudan and globe and to accommodate and prove this city a wise host there has been a great development of cheap hotel in Khartoum.

Local Cuisines
 Basboosa: Basboosa is a phenomenal desert from Sudan, if you can manage to get it even back at your home, bishbosa can easily replace your cakes, deliciously sweet and sour in taste. Made of yoghurt, coconut and some Sudanese ingredient named somlina, bishbosa is a traditional Sudanese dish which they enjoy with utter delight.

Beetroot Salata: also known as Beetroot Salad and now you know it’s a salad; one of the most famous Sudanese recipes across the world, sitting in various international hotels’ menus with different flavors, Beetroot Salata is a dish one must try on their Khartoum visit.

Khoodra Mafrooka: One of the most delicious main course dishes from Sudan/Khartoum, made in both chicken and beef (try in beef coz that is the traditional one), utterly delicious and highly healthy. Commonly made in almost all Khartoum households and everyone enjoy this dish in the country. If you want to have the real taste of Khoodra Mafrooka, get to a local friend’s home and try it there.

Dama Be Potaatas: there is only one word for this dish and that is wow, Dama be Potaatas is the most delicious and the most famous Sudanese dish one can ever try, basically made from potatoes, beef steak and lots of spices. Too much tempting and tastes like heaven. This is the dish one has to try on their trip to Khartoum.

Where you can Enjoy Evenings and Nights in Harare

Harare is an astonishing city, rising from depravity and poorness, Harare is a remarkable city and a nice place for short holidays, where one can enjoy a few days. Book now flights tickets to Harare and have a delightful holiday in Harare.

Harare City

The Capital city of Zimbabwe and the most developed city in this African Country, Harare is a remarkable city. The largest and the most populous city in Zimbabwe is also the biggest tourist hub in Zimbabwe, Harare which is the largest financial, political, cultural and administrative hub for Zimbabwe. Book now your Cheap Flights to Harare from London with Crystal Travel and explore the Harare on your short weekend break.

Accommodation and Hotels

Harare used to fight with poorness and hunger but now the scene is changing in Harare, this Zimbabwean Capital has record a great development in last one decade or so. This capital city is now attracting tourists from across the world and to keep these trends going on and to encourage it there has been a great development in city, especially in hospitality which is clearly visible in a nice range of resorts, inns and cheap hotels in Harare.

Enjoy Nights of Harare

Balcony: Balcony is a pretty sports bar having a decent range of beers and other spirits. They are situated in Downtown Harare; Balcony is a great place to start an awesome evening. Having pretty decent pricing for drinks and food, Balcony has a good serving staff and ambience is always grooving with nice hip hop music. Balcony is a great place for you if you believe in stag entries and making new friends over a drink.

Symphony: A larger than life Nightclub sitting in the center of Harare. Symphony has a great reputation as a Hip Nightclub. Always packed with ladies on weekends and friendly with every type of sexuality, Symphony is a hunting ground for you if you believe in getting lucky or hunting for date alone in boozy nights. 

Origins Nightclub: Origins is another place where you can go and groove in nights of Harare. Majorly playing hip hop and house music, Origins has a pretty decent menu for booze and have great starter menu. They have long happy hours which give you pretty good opportunity to hammer yourself with booze.

Five Eat-out Joints you can enjoy in Lagos

Lagos is an exquisite city and an amazing choice for holidays in Africa. This Nigerian city attracts a great number of tourists every year and no tourist gets disappointed with Lagos and its attractions. Book your flights tickets to Lagos and explore this exciting city of Nigeria.

Lagos City a Lookout

Lagos is a nice city, the largest city of Nigeria and the largest commercial center in Nigeria. Lagos is a remarkable city, loaded with an utterly nice number of sights and attractions which are pretty good to keep you busy for many days. Buy your Cheap Flights to Lagos from London with Crystal Travel and explore Lagos a future world city from Nigeria.

Accommodation and Hospitality in Lagos

Lagos is a huge city and the biggest tourist destination in Nigeria, the most rapidly growing city in Nigeria. Lagos is proposed as the world city from Nigeria. Being such a big tourist destination and having great importance in Nigerian economy, Lagos is always being visited by a large number of tourists and visitors, which leaded to the need of a great hospitality system in Lagos; fortunately it’s been handled well with the nice number of resorts and luxury & cheap hotels in Lagos.

Food and Restaurants for you in Lagos

  •   The Jazzhole: A great breakfast at a nice place, that’s the way to start a great day, serving great coffee and a great place to held a meeting or date. Located on Awolowo Road Jazzhole has an amazing jukebox, playing great music all day long and they have a great range of music to play. 
  • Johnny Rockets: Great burgers, especially hamburgers, if that’s what you want to eat when in Lagos, try Johnny; they make great burgers, so delicious that you can have date with burger. Located on Adetokunbo Ademola, they also serve great milk shakes and having way too friendly staff. Johnny’s seems a great place to enjoy “Healthy” American Food. 
  •   Ocean Basket: Sea food is healthy, good for lever and skin and trying it in Lagos can become an utter delight if you try it in Ocean Basket. Food is like feast and staff loves to serve and down to earth. Ocean Basket is located in Tiamiyu Savage Street, having a dynamic menu and big space.
  • Bar Campione: An up-class restaurant cum bar in Lagos, having a wide and dynamic menu of international cuisines and nice arrange of booze, Bar Campione is a great place to enjoy your dinner. Sitting in Kasumu Ekemode Street, it’s the best place to enjoy your late night dinner. Though it is advised to make reservations before you go there; especially on weekends.

Places to Visit for You in Durban’s Bag

Durban is a major tourist destination in South Africa, the largest city in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, majorly known as one of the most gorgeous cricket stadiums in the world, Durban is gaining its stature in the world of tourism, book your flights Tickets to Durban and explore this exquisite South African tourist destination.

Know Durban City

Durban is a huge Metropolitan city located on the Eastern Coast of South Africa. Famous as the busiest port of South Africa, Durban is one of the most stunning cities on the South African soil. Book your Cheap Flights to Durban from London with Crystal Travel and get yourself a chance to explore Durban, which they also call as Port Natal.

 Accommodate in Durban

Durban is not a mare port city; Durban is a rapidly developing city, one of fastest growing metropolitan regions in South Africa. A major part of city’s population in depending on global tourism this city is reviving and to encourage the same, there have been a heavy development of luxury and cheap hotels in Durban, thus the flow of tourists never stop in Durban and they have a gala vacation in Durban.

Entertainment and Sights in Durban

Sea World Aquarium: An awesome place to visit in Durban, if you like marine life and enjoy seeing various sea animals, then visit Sea World Aquarium, this place is known for various acts performed by some sea animals. Their Dolphin Show is way too famous among every person visiting SWA.
The Golden Mile: A long stretch of beaches on near downtown Durban, a great place for snorkeling, surfing and sunbath. Loaded with nice places besides the beach like hotels, bars, restaurants etc.; the golden mile is sure a place to visit in Durban.

Crocodile Creek: one of the most adventurous and thrilling places in Durban, Crocodile Creek. Home for more than 7000 Nile Crocodiles, C2 is an amazing treat for the people who are seeking some out of the box thrill. Located near river named Tongaat in sub-tropical bush, Crocodile Creek is also one of the most visited places in Durban.

The Valley of a 1000 Hills: if hiking and trekking is your cup of tea, then you are in tea party in Durban, the valley of 1000 hills is the place where you can hike till your muscle get sore or you get bored of it. Hills covered with dense and large trees and providing beautiful scenic views in every now and then. This is a place which is being visited by every tourist visiting Durban.

Places that may attract you in Nairobi

Nairobi a scenic and the enchanting city of Kenya, the capital of Kenya and the most visited city in the Kenyan nation. Book your flights tickets to Nairobi and explore the awesome Kenyan epicenter which is reaching a new stature of fame with each passing travel season.

Nairobi the city

Nairobi is the largest and the most developed city in Kenya, the capital city for Kenya and the biggest tourist hub in Kenya. Nairobi is a huge metropolitan located on the banks of the river named same as the city “Nairobi”. Nairobi is known as a premium tourist destination in region and in the country. Book your 
Cheap Flights to Nairobi from London with Crystal Travel and explore the stunning Kenyan capital city.

Hospitality and Accommodation in Nairobi

Nairobi is among the fastest growing cities, not only in Kenya but also in the East Africa. A huge part of the economy of Kenya and its epicenter Nairobi depends of tourists and tourism, thus to extend the possibilities of the sector, there has been a remarkable development in hospitality and accommodation area in Nairobi, resulting in the wide range of inns, resorts, motels and luxury & cheap hotels in Nairobi.

Attractive Nairobi and Places to visit

Nairobi National Park: Arguably the best place to visit in Nairobi, NNP is a great place, called as heaven for safari and wildlife lovers. It’s always been a nice experience visiting and witness the great wildlife in Nairobi National Park, that contains almost all type of wildlife in East Africa except elephants.

Nairobi National Museum: A huge museum located on Museum Hill. Probably the largest museum in Kenya, with a large facility and a great amount of mesmerizing exhibits. Nairobi National Museum is a great place to kill three to four hours easily. One piece of advice, you may need a guide in the museum to get a better understanding about exhibits.

Tom Mboya Statue: Something artistic as well as historic, Tom Mboya Statue easily fall in the category, located in Moi Avenue, TMS is one beautiful place to visit and know more about Nairobi culture.

Bomas of Kenya: Picturing the original tribal Kenya, Bomas is great place to visit. Located near Langata Road, Bomas is made by ancient specifications of Kenyan Tribes and gives you exact idea how they used to live.

Jamia Mosque: The Largest Mosque in Kenya and one the places which are really peaceful even being situated in the main suburbs of the city. Located in Banda Street, Jamia Mosque gives spectacle view of azaans on Fridays and Ramadhan season.
Ngong Hills: The most scenic and beautiful place you can see in Kenya or East Africa, Ngong Hills a great place for backpacking and trekking. Situated in Great Rift Valley, Ngong Hills is a place for real natural photography. A word of caution, you might need some extra memory cards in camera while going there.